Stadt Amriswil

Annual fair
Arbon district register office

Annual fair

Every third Wednesday in March and every first Wednesday in October, Amriswil celebrates its annual fair in the town centre. Markets


The most important Internet platform for the renting and letting out of apartments in Amriswil is the real estate page of Thurgauer Kantonalbank.

APZ hall

The hall of the APZ (Old People's and Nursing Care Centre) at Heimstrasse 15 ist suitable for various events like celebrations, presentations or workshops.

ARA Moos

Aachtal Wastewater Board which operates the ARA Moos in the Hefenhofen municipal area is responsible for waste water treatment.

Arbitration authority

The arbitration authority is responsible for enquiries in matters under tenancy law which concern a tenancy property in the town of Amriswil. If tenants or landlords want to initiate arbitration proceedings due to disputes, they must contact the arbitration authority for tenancy matters. The latter tries to reach agreement between the parties in free-of-charge proceedings. Contact: 071 414 12 09, schlichtungsbehoerde

Arbon district register office

The register office is responsible for the municipalities of Amriswil, Arbon, Dozwil, Egnach, Hefenhofen, Horn, Kesswil, Roggwil, Romanshorn, Salmsach, Sommeri and Uttwil. Its tasks include, among others, the certification of births, marriages, partnerships and deaths. Marriages take place at Kirchstrasse 13, in Hagenwil water castle or in the communities of residence within the district as required.

Contact and opening hours:

p>Arbon district register office
Kirchstrasse 13
P.O. Box
8580 Amriswil
Telephone  058 345 16 45
Fax 058 345 16 46


Monday, Tuesday
and Thursday:
8.30 am to 11.30 am and
2 pm to 5 pm
8.30 am to 11.30 am

or by telephone arrangement