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Cable television
Castle ruins

Cable television

The cable television of Regio Energie Amriswil (REA) supplies around 3,800 customers with radio and TV signals around the clock. Billag

Canton of Thurgau

Thurgau is one of 26 cantons in Switzerland. The capital and seat of government is Frauenfeld. Around 270,000 inhabitants live on an area of 991 square kilometres. Amriswil is the fourth largest town in the canton of Thurgau and is in Upper Thurgau. The canton owes its name to the river Thur which crosses it from the south-east to the north-west. In Switzerland, Thurgau is also popularly known as Mostindien. Cantonal administration

Cantonal administration

The cantonal administration is located in Frauenfeld.

Contact and opening hours:

Cantonal administration
Government building
P.O. Box
8510 Frauenfeld
Telephone 052 724 11 11
Fax 052 724 29 93

Monday to Friday:
7.30 am until 11.45 am and
1.15 pm until 5 pm

Cantonal offices

Career and study counselling, Justice of the Peace and Enforcement Office, Land register office and notary's office, Road Transport Office, District register office


Vocational schools, Amriswil careers and study counselling

Castle ruins

On the hiking trail from the Biessenhofen ponds to Schocherswil, a hidden set of steps takes you up to the castle ruins, where between 1100 and 1200 AD there was a high-medieval defence system. Today, there is a barbecue site on the castle ruins. Between 1963 and 1972, there were archaeological excavations on the castle ruins. In addition to several arrow tips and various ceramic fragments, the most important finding was a stirrup made of iron.