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Catholic church community of Amriswil
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Catholic church community of Amriswil

The Catholic Church is one of the two national churches in Switzerland (in addition to the Protestant Church). The Catholic Church community of Amriswil has around 4,000 members. The church is located in the centre of Amriswil. The historic chapel of Biessenhofen also belongs to the church community. The hamlet Hagenwil is largely Catholic and belongs to the Catholic Church community of Hagenwil.

Catholic church community of Hagenwil

The church community of Hagenwil has 250 members, some of whom come from the neighbouring St. Gallen community of Muolen. The church of Hagenwil is dedicated to John the Baptist. Its interior is decorated with a depiction of the Last Judgement dating from 1500. The church was last renovated in 1976.


The town of Amriswil has three cemeteries: Amriswil, Hagenwil and Oberaach. Funeral services


From the childcare day centre to lunch and clothing bazaars – parents and children will find diverse offers in Amriswil: Library, Parent-Child Centre EKidZ, Pre-school establishments, "Floh" nursery, Children's clothes bazaar, Toy library, Counselling service for mothers and fathers, Schools, Counselling for couples, parents and young people, Amriswil playgroupTagesschule Nostra

Christmas market

Every first Saturday in December, a festive Christmas market is held on the market square with many different crafts.

Church parish hall

The present-day Protestant church parish hall is housed in the oldest church of Amriswil. In 1892, it was replaced by the neo-Gothic church on Weinfelderstrasse due to the strong growth in population. Today, various events are held in the church parish hall. Amriswil Protestant church community





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