Stadt Amriswil

Places to see
Pro Infirmis

Places to see

Old Rectory, Amriswil Muni, Biessenhof Ponds, Bohlenständerhaus, Amriswil Protestant Church, Hudelmoos, Biessenhofen Chapel, Local museum, Pentorama, School museum, Spoerlé fountain, Town hall, Amriswil public bathing beach, Hagenwil water castle, Industry tower


At the following locations you find public playgrounds to use for free: Eisweiher, Heimstrasse, Säntispark, Staudenstrasse, Untere Bachstrasse, Weidwiesenstrasse and on the grounds of Amriswil public bathing beach in Uttwil. "Werkhof" Amriswil takes care of maintenance. Since autumn 2016 there is also an indoor playground in Sports and leisure facility 1001.


Telephone number 117 Amriswil police office, Eastern Switzerland Police School

Political municipality of Amriswil

Town of Amriswil


Local council, Parties, Municipal assembly


Biessenhof pond, Ice pond, Hellmühle pond


The info desk in the town hall and Häderli bookshop, Geschenk Art, Amritronic sell postcards of the sights of the town of Amriswil.

Pre-school establishments

p>If your child turns four by the end of 31 July, he or she must attend a two-year pre-school facility from the new school year onwards. In Amriswil, there are the following pre-school establishments: Egelmoos, Hagenwil, Hemmerswil, Hölzli, Mühlebach, Oberaach, Oberfeld, Obstgarten, Nordstrasse and Park. The Elementary School Community also includes the pre-school establishments of Hefenhofen and Sommeri. Amriswil-Hefenhofen-Sommeri Elementary School Community

Premises for hire

The town rents out various premises for public and private events: Amriswil Culture Forum, das Pentorama and the "Schützenstube" at Almensberg shooting range (RSA), die Tellenfeld sports facilities, Oberfeld sports centre and the market square.

Primary school

In Amriswil, there are the following primary schools (1st to 6th class): Hagenwil, Hemmerswil, Kirchstrasse, Mühlebach, Nordstrasse, Oberaach and Oberfeld. Attendance of a primary school is obligatory in Switzerland. Amriswil-Hefenhofen-Sommeri Elementary School Community

Pro Infirmis

Pro Infirmis is the largest specialist organisation for handicapped people in Switzerland. It advises and supports people with a mental, physical or psychological handicap and their families. Amriswil Counselling Centre is located at Kirchstrasse 25.