Stadt Amriswil

Town hall


The canton of Thurgau owes its name to the River Thur which crosses it from the south-east to the north-west and flows into the Rhine further to the west in the Zurich district of Andelfingen.


Canton of Thurgau

Thurgau cantonal police

Amriswil police office

Thurgau tourism

The marketing organisation of the canton of Thurgau as a tourism destination has its offices in the building of Regio Energie Amriswil.

Tourist Association

The Tourist Association promotes Amriswil, looks after the benches and organises events such as the National Day celebrations or the New Year's Aperitif.

Town clerk's office

The town clerk's office is the link between town council and municipal administration. In this department, the business of the town council and the authorities and committees is prepared, meeting minutes drawn up and the decisions by the authority implemented or forwarded to the departments responsible. The town clerk's office organises elections and referenda, is responsible for permits and for the reservation of Pentorama, market square or the sports facilities. Contact: 071 414 12 32,

Town council

The council forms the government (executive) of the town. It consists of nine members of the parties SVP (4), FDP (2), CVP (1), SP (1), and Freie Gruppe (1). The legislative is formed by the annual municipal assembly. The meetings of the town council are headed up by the mayor.

Town hall

The offices of the municipal administration are located at Arbonerstrasse 2. The town hall was built in 1930/32 by Friedrich Hess. Next to the town hall, there is the Amriswil "Muni" – a bronze sculpture by the Frauenfeld-based sculptor Otto Schilt.