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Assisted Living
Biessenhofen pond

Assisted Living

The Assisted Living supplements existing forms of residence for elderly people in Amriswil. It is an additional service to the tenancy agreement of the senior citizens' apartments of the Town of Amriswil Residential Scheme for the Elderly (ASA). The Assisted Living scheme is aimed at elderly people who want to live independently even though they have some nursing care requirements. The goal is to delay or prevent relocation to an inpatient care facility of Amriswil Old People's Home and Care Home (APZ). Contact: 071 410 23 43, Wohnen im Alter


In Amriswil, there are more than 200 associations for active leisure pursuits. List of associations:

Autokurse Oberthurgau (AOT)




The most important shopping street with a large selection of specialist stores.

Barbecue sites

There are public barbecue sites in Hudelmoos (2), Leimatwald (2), on the Castle ruins, on the Palmensteg and at the "Ziegeleiweiher" ("Brickworks Pond").


The members of Basement organise concerts and events for the young and young-at-heart in a former factory hall in Schrofen. Going out

Beach volleyball
Beach volleyball

Four public beach volleyball pitches are available at Tellenfeld sports facility. Tellenfeld sports facility


In 1979, the municipality of Biessenhofen in the west of Amriswil joined the Political Municipality of Amriswil .

Biessenhofen chapel

In 1454, a chapel was built in Biessenhofen in honour of St. Jacob. Since 1911, this has belonged to the Catholic church community of Amriswil which was newly formed at the time. The last redevelopment was completed in 2010.

Biessenhofen pond
Biessenhofen pond

The large Biessenhofen pond was artificially created in 1650 and today is a nationally important spawning area for amphibians. The local recreation area incorporates three ponds in total. It borders the neighbouring municipality of Erlen and has a barbecue site. Ponds