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Fit to kindergarten
Funeral services

Fit to kindergarten

This service is aimed at parents and their children who will be starting pre-school next August and who are not yet registered in a playgroup. A specialist looks after the children once or twice a week for one to two hours. As they play, listen to stories or make things, the little ones are prepared for pre-school. In addition, parents learn about the most important services for their children or themselves and discover more about the Swiss educational system.

Flea market

Every third Saturday until November, there is a flea market on the market square Amriswil. Organiser: Toni Pfeffer, Hefenhofen, Tel. 071 411 89 14. Markets

Floh nursery

Floh" nursery is a childcare centre recognised by the Swiss Nursery Federation. Children between the ages of ten weeks and eight years old are accepted at Biberacherweg 2.

Foreign associations

On the list of associations at you will find around 200 associations, including foreign associations such as the Greek Association or the Aramaic Culture Association.


The town of Frauenfeld with more than 25,000 inhabitants is the largest town and Hauptort of the canton of Thurgau. It is the seat of the Cantonal Administration.

Frauenfeld cantonal school

Grammar school

Full moon bar

Every full moon, residents of Amriswil meet up outdoors at the Full Moon Bar (Vollmondbar") in front of the Culture Forum. You can find the programme at

Full time school Nostra

You find the full time school Nostra in the school complex "Nordstrasse". It provides daily structure for all children at level of kindergarten and primary school. Pedagogically trained personnel raise the children during marginal time and at lunchtime. The personnel also helps with homework.

Funeral services

The cemetery manager and the staff of the Services for residents assist the bereaved when a family member or friend has died, in organising the funeral service and provide information about funeral options. Contact: 071 414 12 12, emergency number in the evenings and at weekends: 079 421 66 05.