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German courses
Hagenwil water castle

German courses

German language skills are essential for daily life and also important for all your family members in the event of any Naturalisation. In Amriswil, German courses for women are offered every year by HEKS in-fra, the Aid Organisation of the Protestant Churches in Switzerland (HEKS).

Going out

Burgbar ("Castle Bar"), Amriswil Culture Forum, Pentorama, 1001 sports and leisure facility, Basement, Vollmondbar ("Full Moon Bar")

Grammar school

The general qualification for university entrance (Matura") can be taken at the cantonal school in Romanshorn (, the cantonal school in Frauenfeld ( and the "Pädagogische Maturitätsschule" in Kreuzlingen (


The town clerk's office is responsible for the rent of Tellenfeld sports facility and Oberfeld sports centrefor the weekends and the school administration (Amriswil-Hefenhofen-Sommeri Elementary School Community) is responsible for weekdays. The smaller gymnasiums are rented out solely by the school administration.



This part of the town is listed by the postal service as 8580 Hagenwil near Amriswil. Hagenwil is the home of the historic Hagenwil water castle, which is seen as the most important place of interest in Amriswil. There is also one of the churches of Amriswil here. Since 1979, the former community of Räuchlisberg-Hagenwil Räuchlisberg has been part of the Political Municipality of Amriswil.

Hagenwil castle festival

The castle festival at Hagenwil water castle over several weeks in the August. The plays for adults and children in the special atmosphere of the castle courtyard are very popular.

Hagenwil water castle
Hagenwil water castle

Hagenwil Castle is one of the best preserved water castles in Switzerland. It has been owned by the Angehrn family for more than 200 years. The family has a restaurant in the castle and own the Burgbar in the cider cellar and produce their own wine. The castle festivals Castle festivals are held in the castle courtyard.