Stadt Amriswil


They have already settled here in Amriswil

Betty Fahrni, Great Britain
The first thing I did was to learn Swiss German and then I introduced myself to my neighbours. They regularly helped me with information abut Amriswil and are still good friends of mine. That is all you need!
Antonio Zinnà, Italia
You have a fantastic view over Amriswil and Lake Constance from the Räuchlisberg. And how do you get up there? Simply walk from the 1001 sports and leisure facility in the direction of the industry tower and then follow the field trail to the Räuchlisberg. Enjoy!



They have already settled here in Amriswil

Paulo Ferreira, Portugal
I came to Switzerland as a child more than 20 years ago; to be more precise, I came to Amriswil. School and the friends I have made here helped me to integrate. A little tip: be sure to visit Hagenwil Castle. A wonderful place.
David Rodriguez, España
I came to Amriswil from Spain when I was two. Our neighbourhood was firmly in Swiss hands, which is why we automatically made ourselves at home here. You definitely have to have seen Hudelmoos nature reserve in the spring, when the flowers are blooming, or in the autumn with all its colours.