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Market square


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Amriswil Library and Games Library are organised as an association and have rented premises at Amriswil Culture Forum at Bahnhofstrasse 22. The association receives financial assistance from the town. The diverse range of media is also available to the residents of the surrounding villages. The opening hours and digital offers can be found at

Local museum
Local museum

In 1988, a group of four Amriswil residents started a local museum with 120 items in the Old Rectory at Bahnhofstrasse. Since 2008, the museum has been housed in former factory halls belonging to ISA Sallmann AG at Palmensteg and has more than 3,000 exhibits. Museums

Contact and opening hours:

Amriswil Local Museum
c/o Town Clerk's Office Amriswil
Arbonerstrasse 2
P.O. Box 1681
8580 Amriswil
Telephone 071 414 12 39
Fax 071 414 11 83

The local museum is open every first Sunday of the month (except in January and August) from 2 pm to 5 pm. Groups are also welcome outside of these times. Admission is free. (Museum Sunday)

Lost & found office

Amriswil Police Office



Maps of the town can be obtained free of charge at the information desk in the town hall. A large information map at Bahnhofstrasse 13b provides information to guests and locals. A map of the town of Amriswil can be found online at Google Maps.

Market square

Markets and various events are held on the market square in the centre of Amriswil. Space for events can be rented from thetown clerk's office.