Stadt Amriswil

Municipal administration
Municipality day tickets (GA)

Municipal administration

Amriswil municipal administration is housed in the town hall at Arbonerstrasse 2 and has a staff of around 50 employees. There are the following departments: Building Authority, Services for Residents, Financial Administration, Security Services, Social Insurance Services, Town Clerk's Office and Tax Office. The administrative departments Social ServicesRegio Energie Amriswil (REA) and the Old People's and Nursing Care Centre (APZ) are not housed in the town hall. The cantonal offices and the district offices are also housed at other premises.

Contact and opening hours of the municipal administration:

Town of Amriswil
Arbonerstrasse 2
P.O. Box 1681
8580 Amriswil
Telephone 071 414 11 11
Fax 071 414 11 83

Monday to Wednesday: 
8 am to 12 noon and
1.30 to 5 pm
8 am to 12 noon and
1.30 pm to 6 pm
8 am to 12 noon and
1.30 pm to 4 pm

Municipal assembly

Every year in December, the municipal assembly is held in the Pentorama. At the municipal assembly, those entitled to vote discuss projects and the cost estimate. They can file motions during the assembly and vote on them. In addition, the assembly also decides on naturalisations.

Municipal taxi

The municipal taxi takes passengers from 5.30 am to 1 am at reduced prices from A to B within the entire municipal area. The taxi guests only pay part of the journey whereas the additional charge is paid by the town of Amriswil. The taxi service is in 24-hour operation on Fridays and Saturdays. Telephone 0844 411 411

Municipality day tickets (GA)

The town of Amriswil offers SBB general abonnements (municipality day ticket) in second class for 48 francs. They are valid on the day indicated and allow you to travel freely on all routes of Swiss Railways (SBB) and Postauto buses as well as on other public transport at no extra charge. You can book the day ticket over the telephone or on the Internet. Telephone 071 414 11 11,