Stadt Amriswil

Münsterlingen Cantonal Hospital

Münsterlingen Cantonal Hospital

Spital Thurgau AG runs the cantonal hospitals in Frauenfeld and Münsterlingen, the St. Katharinental Clinic and Thurgau Psychiatric Services. The nearest hospital to Amriswil is in Münsterlingen.

Museum Sunday

On the first Sunday of the month (apart from January and August) the "Bohlenständerhaus" (frame and timber-structured house), the local museum and the school museum are open from 2 pm to 5 pm. Admission is free.


Schrofen frame and plank-structured house , Sallmann carriage collection, Local museum, School museum


The Amriswil Youth Music School (JMSA) offers courses for countless instruments and organises various ensembles and dance groups. Other options are offered by the Catholic and Protestant church choirs and Amriswil Stadtharmonie.


National churches

Protestant church community of Amriswil-Sommeri, Catholic church community of Amriswil, Catholic church community of Hagenwil

National Day

On 1 August (Swiss National Day) there are joint celebrations in Amriswil – organised by Amriswil Tourist Association and the local councils.

Natural gas

The natural gas supply system of Regio Energie Amiswil (REA) supplies large parts of the municipal area with environmentally friendly natural gas. The natural gas is purchased from the special-purpose association "Gasversorgung Oberthurgau/See (GOS)".

Natural running tracks

Tellenfeld sports facility


If you have lived in Switzerland for twelve years, six years in the canton of Thurgau and three years in Amriswil, you can apply for Swiss citizenship in Amriswil. Familiarity with Swiss life and linguistic usage and compliance with the legal system are mandatory requirements. Further information is provided by the Services for residences in the town hall in office 2. Passport