Stadt Amriswil

Parent-Child Centre (EKidZ)


The town clerk's office regularly sends out electronic newsletters with information on elections and referenda as well as the programme of the Pentorama. Registration: by e-mail to



Non-profit Women's Association in Amriswil

The Women's Association offers diverse services for the population of Amriswil and the surrounding area: Second-hand shop, Meals service, transport service, visitation service and much more.

Notary's office

Amriswil land registry office and notary's office



The hamlet in the west of Amriswil has been part of the Political Municipality of Amriswil since 1979.

Oberfeld sports centre
Oberfeld sports centre

Oberfeld triple gymnasium is located next to Amriswil swimming pool. The sports facility can be rented from the town clerk's office.

Old paper collection

Seven times a year, Amriswil schools and associations have an old paper collection, collecting the bundled paper throughout the municipal area (Hagenwil and Räuchlisberg only twice). Waste

Old Rectory

It is a very fine half-timbered building and one of Amriswil's landmarks. The Old Rectory was built by a doctor from Mannheim in 1672 and purchased by the church community in 1710. Up to 1975, the building on Bahnhofstrasse was used as a rectory.

Online desk

At you will find all the important information relating to the municipal administration. Under "online desk", you can download forms and regulations.


Parent-Child Centre (EKidZ)

The association EKidZ is a politically and denominationally independent non-profit organisation. The association brings different people together and facilitates exchange of experience. The services offered at Weinfelderstrasse 38 include the «Chnöpflitreff», crèche, courses, renting out of rooms and much more. Contact: 071 411 57 42,,