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Swiss Volley Talent School
Testing of the sirens

Swiss Volley Talent School

The Talent School offers young volleyball talents between the age of 13 and 19 the opportunity to combine volleyball and education. With the Talent School, Amriswil is running one of seven regional performance centres of the Swiss Volleyball Federation. Partners of the Talent School are Volley Amriswil and the Amriswil-Hefenhofen-Sommeri Elementary School Community.


Talent school

Swiss Volley Talent School

Tax office

The tax office of Amriswil municipal administration collects, on the basis of the cantonal tax law, the income and wealth tax of private individuals and the tax on earnings and capital tax of companies. The employees at the tax office manage the data of the approximately 8,000 tax payers and maintain the tax register. They are responsible for the invoicing and collection of special taxes, the state, municipal, school and church taxes, and of the fire brigade exemption tax. The tax office has a list of people and contacts that can provide assistance in the completion of the tax declaration or can do this work for you. Contact: 071 414 11 55,


Tax office, Withholding tax


Municipal taxi


Cable television, Billag

Tellenfeld sports facility
Tellenfeld sports facility

Tellenfeld sports facility includes a triple gymnasium, outdoor courts, four beach volley pitches, a natural running track and a multipurpose pitch. The facilities can be hired from the town clerk's office.

Tenant arbitration

Arbitration authority

Tennis courts

Amriswil Tennis Club Amriswil runs a tennis facility on Breitenaachstrasse. 1001 sports and leisure facility.

has covered tennis courts.

Testing of the sirens

On the first Wednesday in February of each year, the sirens are tested in Switzerland. In an emergency, the alarm means that the population is in danger. In this case, the population is asked to listen to the radio, follow the instructions of the authorities and to inform neighbours.