Stadt Amriswil

Almensberg Regional Shooting Range (RSA)


The Aach is the largest river in Amriswil; its source lies between Sulgen and Riedt and it flows into Lake Constance at Salmsach.



Adult education

Amriswil Adult Education Interest Group (IGEA)

Advent market

Specialist stores in Amriswil hold the advent market on the first advent weekend – alternately together with the Amriswil Christmas and Advent Exhibition (AWA) in front of the Pentorama or with Amriswil on Ice on the market square. Markets


The old-age and survivors' insurance (AHV) is the obligatory pension insurance of Switzerland. Together with the invalidity insurance and the supplementary benefits, it constitutes the first – state – pillar of the Swiss three-pillar system. Women receive an old-age pension when they turn 64; men when they turn 65. Widows and widowers receive a survivors' pension if they have children under the age of 18 or in education in their household. Information can be obtained from the Social Insurance Services in the town hall in office 3. Insurance system of Switzerland

Aid Organisati of the Protestant Churches in Switzerland (HEKS)

The programmes and projects of the regional branch include HEKS in-fra (integration for women and children, German courses), HEKS tg job (work and integration, cycle workshop) or HEKS Visite (volunteer assignments as part of social welfare). The Eastern Switzerland regional branch of the HEKS is located at Weinfelderstrasse 15 in Amriswil.


Near the Leimatwald, the town of Amriswil leases 127 allotments to residents. There is a waiting list. The leasing is done via the Security services.


The pond between Steinebrunn and Hagenwil belongs to Amriswil. Almensberg regional shooting range (RSA)

Almensberg Regional Shooting Range (RSA)

Various regional shooting associations use the shooting range in the east of Amriswil. It has facilities for long and short weapons (300 metres, 50 metres and 25 metres) and a large "Schützenstube" which you can also hire for events.