Stadt Amriswil

Uttwil campsite
Weekly market

Uttwil campsite

Amriswil public bathing beach


Viewing tower

Amriswil Trade Association built a 20-metre high observation and viewing tower in the Schollenberg area south of Amriswil to mark the association's centenary in 2011.


Motorway vignette

Vocational schools

The cantonal vocational schools are located in Arbon, Kreuzlingen, Weinfelden und Frauenfeld.


Amriswil is seen as one of the volleyball strongholds in Switzerland. Volley Amriswil has already won three Swiss championships and three cup victories in the men's discipline. The association regularly places in the European Cup. The home games of the NLA men's team are held in Tellenfeld sports centre. Tellenfeld sports centre, Swiss Volley Talent School

Volleyball school

Swiss Volley Talent School

Voluntary work

Amriswil non-profit women's association



Household waste should be placed in the official rubbish bags. Please deposit these bags for collection at the collection points marked in blue. Fee stamps are required for all non-official rubbish bags. Please bundle paper and cardboard separately. These will be collected at the collection point for old paper. Old glass, cans, metal or old oil should be handed in at the waste disposal points. Details and dates can be found in the leaflet "Abfallkalender" ("Waste calendar"). Please do not place rubbish outside for collection until the actual date of collection.

Waste water

Moos Waste Water Treatment Plant


More than 12,000 customers supply Regio Energie Amriswil (REA) in Amriswil and Hefenhofen with drinking water on a daily basis. For this purpose, the REA use around 98 kilometres of water pipes.

Weekly market

A weekly market is held every Thursday morning from 8 am to 11 am (March to December) on the market square. Markets